Awarding mandates for research assignments in the medical sector, especially the research and improvement of new methods for patient treatments, is the core of this foundation.

Scientific examination of alternative methods of treatment

Patients diagnosed with cancer, nowadays taking increasingly advantage of the new methods of naturopathy for their treatment. Many of these treatments, especially those, indicated of oncology origin, are mostly not completely researched to its full extend, nor is it reported that these methods actually do change the patients curing on the way to recovery at all. The substance “Amygdalin”, or better known as “B17”, belongs to this group of naturopathy medication. To our opinion, only professional, scientific research will bring prove and sustainable results.

The influence of “B17” in urology towards tumor growth

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Axel Haferkamp (director of the urology section) and Prof. Dr. Roman Blaheta ( head of the urological laboratory), both at the Frankfurt based University Hospital, a pilot study was conducted in order to prove, that Amygdalin indeed is able to restrain and slow down isolated tumor cells. Based on the positive results of this study, a new large scale research was started in order to discover the effect of Amygdalin towards aggressive propagation of tumor cells.

Staff of the KGU laboratory urology
The goal of the project is simple; preparing Amygdalin scientifically correct for acceptance, based on substantiated and objectively proven facts. Questions, like to which extend Amygdalin is able to restrain uncontrolled propagation, and secondly, what sort of neurotransmitters (stimulating the signals of tumor growth inside the cells) can be stopped, need to be answered.

Prof. Dr. Axel Haferkamp
Director of the Department of Urology

Prof. Dr. Roman Blaheta
Leader of Research Laboratory

The scientific project is accompanied by participation in conferences and publications on this subject. Medical professional magazines have already published articles. Here you can have a look at the publications and download the documents.